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Out of the Blue are an all-male a cappella group from Oxford University performing at C1 throughout the fringe .

I must admit this is the sort of show I would never have picked to see on my own, and while I probably wont try to make a habit out of going to see a cappella covers of pop-songs (A mashup of Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’?  It happened), Out of the Blue was a fun hour of exuberant geekery.

Out of the Blue

C1 @ Chambers Street
Until the 31st of August

Sources tell me this one is selling out fast and all profits from the show go to an Oxford area hospice, so book now if you plan to go.


Wright, foppish babboon.

Performance poet Luke Wright prides himself on being the first person to show up on a google image search for “Foppish Buffoon”.  His new fringe show, The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright, is an hour of poetical reflections on ambition, tight trousers, famelessness and the tricks creative people play on themselves to keep motivated when success is taking its time coming.

For me the highlight of the performance was Wright’s stanza by stanza knock-down of a poem he wrote about a road accident when he was fifteen.  From the waves of laughter triggered in the audience, I don’t think I was not alone in recognising the mix of mortification and affection inspired by looking back at ones self-indulgent adolescent attempts at poetry.

Some the poems Wright performed can be read on his site  here – I don’t recommend reading too much of the blog if you are planning to go to the show, as some of the material seems to be directly lifted from old posts.

Luke Wright is an energetic performer, and while occasionally his audio-visuals look a bit too much like a school power-point presentation for comfort, Petty Concerns is a fun show.

The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright

Underbelly @ George IV Bridge
Until the 30th of August.

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