The leaves are falling here in Edinburgh.

And the days are getting much shorter.  But luckily there is plenty to do at night.
Red dancers
A week ago I braved the cold to watch the Samhuinn parade along the Royal Mile. Samhuinn is the pagan festival celebrating the end of the harvest and the start of a new year (by ancient Celtic calendar), and is considered to be the historical basis of Halloween.
Summer dancers
The boundary between the living and the dead is supposed to be thinnest on the night of Samhuinn.  Masks were worn to prevent malevolent spirits playing tricks on the living.  The parade here in Edinburgh acts out ancient Scots myths where characters representing light and dark, and death and life, fight for authority over the earth.
Ice maidens

People didn’t seem to mind braving the cold.
Then last Wednesday I climbed Calton Hill (and the Scots Monument) to see my first Guy Fawkes Night fireworks.
The mist was so thick all I could really see were flashes of light in the clouds when the fireworks exploded.

Edinburgh lights

Guy Fawkes Night Edinburgh